About us

A developing site which will be the best UK internet resource for musicians.

The main aim of the site is to promote live music and provide support to students and tutors.

The site will be found invaluable to all, from the basic information required by a parent for their childs musical education, the tutor seeking to broaden their range of contacts, or performers seeking venues and facilities.

From the 'Home Page' tutors from all over the UK and Ireland are able to advertise themselves, in the same way potential students wherever they live are able to find the tutor they require using just two clicks of a mouse, nothing could be easier!

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Music-Tutors-UK.com also provides the following information free to visitors. Music Tips Ideas supplied by students and tutors on anything musical. (ie. playing, theory etc)

Musical Clipart Royalty free clipart which can be used by visitors for projects greeting cards or stationary etc.

Information on rudiments of music.

By students for students - Music projects published by students to assist other students

Musical Jokes - For you to enjoy!!

Weather Check - Link to the met office for those going to see or due to play in open air concerts etc.

Concert Halls - Concert/Theatre halls across the UK and Ireland - see whats on.

Easy to use - click away!

Ticketmasters - Popular ticket agent site.

Road Maps- Find your way to venues around the UK.

Organisations - Links to selected musical associations.

Bands 'Keep Music Live!' - adverts and links to live performing bands and other musical combinations - This service carries a small advertising charge.

Shops - Music-Tutors-UK.com does not buy or sell music items. In our shopping section of the site we have recomended businesses that we believe provide an excellent service at competitive prices.

Visitors Feedback - This site is for you the visitor. We welcome your comments, articles you wish to publish and ideas to keep this the best site of its kind on the net.