Mark Wiseman


I grew up in the Reading area, and started learning the saxophone when I was 21, in Oxford. I was absolutely transfixed by this bloke playing the instrument at college one day, so I asked him for a lesson. He leant me his horn for the purpose. I then had lessons with John O'Neill, a brilliant teacher and exponent of the saxophone - he has since done very well with his sax tutorial. We used to play Bach Two Part Inventions together, at least the ones I was able to play. I took Grade 8 whilst in London.

When I was 28 I went to New Zealand, and without meaning to beforehand, remained there for 18 years. I continued playing, and taught the instrument in the local secondary schools as well as privately. I think my main talent in teaching is getting students off the end of the runway and into the air. I have John to thank for my teaching technique - learning the sax is a very revealing process - and my approach is straight from him. Fundamentals of sight-reading and tone quality being important.

I have played live, in jazz trios, quartets, theatre orchestras; opened department stores, made jingles for TV and radio, played in church (alot). This last year I have featured on two CDs, one called 'Offerings' (Vol 3) ( and the other 'Voices of Worship' (Kingsway music). I have a small page at I enjoy teaching, and would welcome the chance to help you master my favourite all time instrument, the saxophone!