Key Signatures
This is possibly the easiest way to remember your key signatures!

1. Learn from memory the order of the sharps (F C G D A E B) and the order of the flats (B E A D G C F) the two phrases below should help.

Order of sharps: Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battle

Order of flats: Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles Father

2. Write out the four headings as below.

3. Under each heading, write out the order of the sharps or flats.

4. Put the number 1 under the key which has either 1 sharp or 1 flat.

5. Continue numbering from left to right until you can go no further.

6. Go back to the start of the line and keep numbering.

7. Attach a sharp or flat sign to each letter that comes before the number 1.

8. There are no more key signatures to learn!!