Rudiments and Theory of Music
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music have for many years set a benchmark for music students to pass their grade 5 or above in music theory before they can enter for Grades 6,7 or 8 Practical exams. They believe that this level of theory knowledge will give a greater understanding of music, resulting in the best possible performance at the higher grades.

Grade 5 in Practical Musicianship or solo Jazz also fulfils the requirement for entering Grades 6,7 or 8 Practical exams.

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Guido d'Arezzo (must read!!)
Free Manuscript Paper to Print
Musical Sounds
Chord Constructor
Middle C
Note Reading
Treble Clef
Bass Clef
Alto Clef
Tenor Clef
Names of Scale Degrees
Chord Progressions
Key Signatures
Scales Explained
Interval Chart
Time Signatures
Note Values and their Rests
Musical Terms
Musical Signs