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Andy Graham MA (Keele)

Having graduated from Keele University with an MA in 1989, Andy Graham went on to set up a band management agency and also performed himself, both as a guitarist/bass guitarist and pianist/keyboardist, in many bands covering many different styles of music. His own band, Amethyst, have supported many famous bands, including names such as The Suite, Mud, The Pretty Things, The Pogues, Bad Manners and the John Miller Jazz Band. Amethyst have also performed at many large and well-known venues in their own right, as well as doing many gigs as a private function band. Andy has taught all of the above-mentioned instruments for many years now and he covers all contemporary styles, including rock, pop, blues, jazz and ballads. He tries to make the lessons easy-going and flexible and, above all, FUN.

Andy teaches in the comfort of the student's own home environment. Beginners welcome. Minimum age is nine years. There is no maximum age limit. Why not check out his website, which is