Choosing A Music Teacher For Your Child or Yourself
If your child is the one interested in music, it is especially important to find a good teacher. Making a careful and informed selection of a music teacher helps to insure that your investment in music lessons yields the highest possible returns. You want a teacher who will inspire you or your child and help instill a lifelong love of music.

The teacher closest to where you live, or the one, who charges the least, is not necessarily the best choice. Base your selection on compatibility of goals and personalities, a feeling of trust and, most importantly, the ability of the professional to meet your individual needs.

Ask about short and long-term objectives, instructional materials and if the teacher uses a particular teaching method. Discuss with the prospective teacher, the requirements for daily practice and performance opportunities.

Teachers should have definite objectives and teaching techniques, and should be able and willing to explain them to you.

Parental support in the learning process is vital. Whether or not you know anything about music, make time to listen to your child play, provide a quality instrument and practice space, encourage them to practice, and celebrate their continued accomplishments.